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The North Fair Oaks Community Alliance (NFOCA)
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NFOCA is also using social media to connect with community members, business owners, County officials and news agencies. Here is a useful list of links to social media outlets associated with the North Fair Oaks community and its surrounding areas:

NFOCA Social Media

Facebook:  NFOCA Organization  

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San Mateo County Organizations on Facebook

Supervisor Warren Slocum – County District 4
Siena Youth Center of St. Francis Center
Redwood City Libraries
Redwood City 2020 

Neighborhood Groups on Facebook:

North Fair Oaks neighborhood (Menlo Park, CA & Redwood City, CA) 

Neighborhood Groups on NextDoor:

Berkshire to Northumberland
North Fair Oaks – Menlo
North Fair Oaks – West
Pacific to 5th Ave.
North Fair Oaks
Lloyden Park
Selby Park