The North Fair Oaks Community Alliance (NFOCA) is working to implement a Block Action Team (BAT) for North Fair Oaks. A BAT is a well-organized group of neighbors who help make a community safer, friendlier and more resilient by connecting neighbors, offering free emergency equipment, preparedness training, and creating connections with county emergency services for quick and efficient assistance. In the BAT program, each block has a BAT Leader, who represents and communicates with their block’s neighbors during an emergency to bring help where it is needed.

Through our BAT program, we will learn and socialize with our neighbors, prepare for emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, or flooding, and protect one another during disasters in North Fair Oaks. Through our interactive NFO BAT Map Dashboard people can check to make sure they are within the NFO area, and with this tool we will be able to see participation at the community level and BAT Leaders and Alternates will be able to see participation at a more granular level for each block.

How it Works

In the BAT program, there will be one Block Leader and one Alternate Leader for each block in North Fair Oaks. The Block Leader will connect with each household on their block, share essential information and resources with their neighbors, and act as the main point of contact for their block during an emergency. The Alternate Leader will be the point of contact when the Block Leader is not available.

Both leaders will receive training and free equipment, including emergency kits, FRS radios, and more. Leaders will also get the opportunity to connect with local emergency service providers and unify their neighbors, strengthening the sense of community and safety in North Fair Oaks.

Residents and businesses will participate in the BAT program as members of a block unit and be in communication with their Block Leader about community concerns, useful information, and community events and programs. One of the first priorities of the BAT program will be to bring Block Leaders, residents, and businesses together to create an emergency plan and evacuation alternatives for our entire community. 


How to Get Involved

Everyone in North Fair Oaks is invited to participate in our BAT program as a Block Leader, Alternate Leader, participating resident, or business. If you would like to help keep North Fair Oaks safe and unified, please sign up for the BAT program through the “Enroll Here” button on this page.

NFOCA believes the worst vulnerability is to be unprepared. Let’s come together to increase emergency preparedness, resilience, and community connections within North Fair Oaks!