The North Fair Oaks Community Alliance (NFOCA) was conceived at the end of 2018 by a handful of dedicated, long-time residents and activists who had been advocating for the betterment of North Fair Oaks (NFO) in their different capacities as community stakeholders.  Although the initial invitation was sent to many advocates in the community, only a handful replied with their commitment to do the work that seemed necessary to advance the collective goals of the community.  And at the beginning of 2019 the first formal meeting was held at the offices of El Concilio– our incubator, and a long-long time stalwart organization helping various underserved communities in San Mateo County.

The original group of founders included long-time community leaders and activists Linda Lopez, Dale Miller, Graciela Eulate, Gabriela Valencia, and Everardo (Ever) Rodriguez, who rolled up their sleeves to work on identifying the various issues and divisions that needed attention in NFO, as well as developing goals and strategies that could unify a segmented community, provide educational opportunities and information to a culturally and linguistically diverse population, collaborate with the County of San Mateo authorities to provide appropriate services as needed, and also to represent the larger NFO community, to promote wellness, and help the residents to attain equality and representation as deserved by a community that has been underserved and neglected for decades.

At our first meeting NFOCA founders recognized the need for a truly community-based, formal organization that could take on the arduous tasks of unifying the different segments of the population in NFO (including businesses, associations and organizations operating in NFO) that could work towards getting sound and efficient ways of intercommunicating NFO residents, as well as developing relationships with the surrounding neighborhoods, the schools that serve our children, and the private sector now sharing living spaces with us.

We welcome any and all NFO community members to join us with their expertise to work in solidifying the foundation of a truly community-based organization and work together to improve the livelihood in our different corners of the neighborhood and to thrive collectively and be prepared to take on any challenges. We also welcome all government and private organizations to join and help us to advance the work we have started, and to help us lift up community-driven solutions so that our organization can expand and scale our efforts. In return we will help the residents of NFO, the businesses as well as the associations and the organization operating in this unincorporated neighborhood. We are committed, and we invite you to commit as well.

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