Community volunteers improving life for all in North Fair Oaks!

The North Fair Oaks Community Alliance (NFOCA) is a community organization that advocates to improve life for all in North Fair Oaks (NFO). NFOCA works to engage the NFO community with the goal of increasing representation, participation and advocacy so that together the NFO community members can promote and advocate for equity, socio-economic and environmental justice.   
What is NFO?
What is North Fair Oaks? / ¿Qué es North Fair Oaks?
What is NFOCA?
What is NFOCA? / ¿Qué es NFOCA?
BAT Program
Block Action Team (BAT) for North Fair Oaks / Programa Bloque de Acción y Tequio de North Fair Oaks
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What is North Fair Oaks?      

North Fair Oaks is an unincorporated area of San Mateo County and it is surrounded by the cities of Atherton, Menlo Park and Redwood City. There are portions of three zip codes (94025, 94027 and 94063.) which identify areas of North Fair Oaks as being part of the surrounding cities; however, such denominations are only for mail delivery purposes based on the zip code divisions imposed by the United States Postal Service. Officially North Fair Oaks is NOT part of the cities of Menlo Park, Redwood City or Atherton. The County of San Mateo oversees this unincorporated area and provides basic services to its residents as well. Below is a snapshot of a Google map identifying the boundaries of North Fair Oaks from the surrounding cities.


Photo of the Guitar Man sculpture at 5th Avenue underpass

Map showing North Fair Oaks boundaries.
This clickable map shows the boundaries of North Fair Oaks in relation to the surrounding cities. Photo credit: Google Maps.